10 Fair Trade and Ethically Sourced Gift Ideas for this Christmas Season

Shop with kindness this Christmas, and give with the knowledge that your gifts are doing good in the world around you!

This holiday season, give gifts mindfully and embrace the opportunity to live out your values! We have compiled our top 10 socially responsible, actively ethical product suggestions. Shop with kindness this Christmas, and give with the knowledge that your gifts are doing good in the world around you!

Gifts for Women:

1. Coastal Choker, elegant handcrafted necklace

This lovely handmade jewelry piece is a delicate and flattering addition to any outfit, casual or formal. Provided by Purpose Jewelry, the necklace is handmade by artisans escaping human trafficking situations.

Price: $26.00


2. Cotton Mesh Bag, feel-good everyday use 

As practical as it is self-indulgent, this bag from TerraThread can hold up to 40lbs of weight and is ideal for any setting, from the classroom to the beach.

Price: $15.00



3. Inigma Jumpsuit, comfortable fashion statement

Perfect for both a mid-week workout and a weekend getaway, this jumper from prAna is comfortable as well as stylish. It features a cinched waist, an open back detail, and – every girl’s best friend – pockets!

Price: $99.00

Gifts for Men:

4. Crestone Long Sleeve Shirt, stylish and classy

Available from prAna, this shirt adds class and style to the wardrobe without the guilt of supporting mindless consumerism. Wear it with jeans for a casual evening out, or dress it up with a blazer and be dressed to impress.

Price: $69.00


5. Bi-Fold Wallet, practicality at its kindest

What guy doesn’t appreciate a well crafted leather wallet? This product from Made for Freedom speaks for itself and for the survivors who are supported by its purchase.

Price: $48.00


6. Grooming Set: Beard Oil, Comb, and 4pc Bar

For the man proud of his majestic facial hair, Teadora provides an all-in-one grooming set complete with beard oils, a comb, and four exfoliating and cleansing soap bars.

Price: $45.00


Gifts for Children:

7. Dinosaur Backpack, handmade to spark imagination

This adorable backpack for a little one was handmade by artisans in Haiti and is offered by Vi Bella. Boy or girl, your dinosaur lover will fall in love at first sight.

Price: $35.00



8. Travel Blankets, comfort on the go

Whether on a plane, in the car, or staying over at Grandma’s house, these foldable blankets with friendly faces will comfort children. Fair Trade Certified, as well as being made with completely organic cotton by empowered workers in India, your child’s new favorite comfort item can be found at Under the Canopy this Christmas season.

Price: $98.00


9. Felt Toothfairy Monsters, too soft to be scary

For a little one in the tooth-losing stage of childhood, One World Fair Trade presents the Felt Toothfairy Monster! Each monster, handmade by craftsmen and women in Nepal, has a pocket sewn onto its back to hide a tooth for the Tooth Fairy.

Price: $15.00


Gifts for All:

9. Gift Basket! eclectic goodies fit for anyone

From Equal Exchange Hot Cocoa mix to Lush Bath Oils, Fair Trade certifications can be found in many products when you start looking! To create the perfect ethically sourced gift, whether it is cultivated for your neighbor or your grandmother, all you need is a little bit of research. Decide on a couple of sumptuous items to piece together a gift basket of goodies, log into Amazon Smile to support your favorite nonprofit, and – as always – be mindfully kind while you shop.


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