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The Global Center for Women and Justice relies on dedicated people to accomplish its mission every day. From the commitment of our full-time staff, the expertise of our teaching Adjuncts, the energy of our Interns and the support of our Board, our team work together to make a difference locally and globally.



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Sandra Morgan, RN, PhD

Director, Global Center for Women and Justice

Dr. Sandra Morgan, an educator and nurse, is recognized globally for her expertise in combatting human trafficking and working to end violence against women. Dr. Morgan’s experience serving missing and exploited children includes direct care as a pediatric nurse, a volunteer with Doctors of the World (Athens, Greece) and as a past Administrator of the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force (OCHTTF). Her expertise is recognized locally, nationally and internationally and includes such venues as Asia, Russia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. She serves the Orange County CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children) Steering Committing partnering with Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice. In her role as Faculty and Director of Vanguard University’s Global Center for Women and Justice, she has built capacity for research, education, and advocacy directly related to the exploitation of women and children. She consistently brings together diverse groups to collaborate during annual Ensure Justice conferences as well as special focus summits. Her Ending Human Trafficking podcast has been recommended by the national Administration of Youth and Family Services Clearinghouse and is a great way to get up to speed on the complex issues of combatting human trafficking.

Derek Marsh, MA, MPA

Associate Director, Global Center for Women and Justice

Derek Marsh retired from the Westminster PD, CA, after more than 26 years of service. In 2004, Marsh helped start the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force (OCHTTF). He served as the co-chair of the OCHFFT from 2004-12. During that time, he developed and taught courses in human trafficking across the state of California, provided oversight to human trafficking investigations, assisted in creating HT DVDs, wrote multiple grants, and provided Congressional testimony twice as a HT expert witness. He has presented anti-HT trainings across California and the United States, Saipan, Italy, and Argentina. He taught HT as an undergraduate course at Vanguard University, CA, from 2009 to present. He develops and teaches criminal justice and human trafficking courses. He has served with the United Nations to train Rwandan immigration officials, law enforcement, prosecutors, and NGOs over four intensive seminars in 2017. He has an MA in Human Behavior, an MPA in Police Management & Leadership, and graduated from FBINA Class #224. Currently, D.C. Marsh works as the Assistant Director at the Global Center for Women and Justice. He is researching how human trafficking task forces identify, investigate, and prosecute labor trafficking cases throughout the United States through on-site visits and review of historical task force and federal performance documents. He is helping to develop and provide training and technical assistance through the BIA, TTAC, and OVC-TTAC agencies. His expertise in Criminal Justice will contribute to the research, education, and advocacy mission of the Global Center for Women and Justice.

Jennnifer Melton, MA

Coordinator, Global Center for Women and Justice

Jennifer Melton is the Coordinator for the Global Center for Women and Justice at Vanguard University.  Prior to joining the Global Center, she lived in China for seven years working with anti-trafficking and refugee service organizations.  She learned Mandarin to be able to visit women working in the brothels and offer them alternative employment.  During her tenure in Asia, Jennifer presented at various Embassy’s and international service organizations. She also worked closely with the United Nation’s High Commission on Refugees to provide emergency services for asylum seekers and refugees.  While visiting women in situations of exploitation on a weekly basis, Jennifer has witnessed the resiliency of women to improve their lives and the power of mentoring relationships. She obtained her Master’s Degree in International Development from Fuller Theological Seminary and a Bachelor’s Degree in History/Political Science from Vanguard University.

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