Priceless 2020 – Celebrating 10 Years of Dr. Morgan’s Leadership

Despite the limitations COVID-19 has placed around the world, the Global Center for Women and Justice continues to persevere in the fight against human trafficking. The Global Center strived against all odds to virtually plan and execute our Priceless luncheon. The purpose of Priceless is to execute our mission to end human trafficking and the commercial exploitation of children. Our virtual fundraiser event gathered audiences in 5 different countries and in 16 states.

Our Priceless speakers included Maria Hall-Brown, Executive Producer for Arts and Cultural programming, PBS Social, Cindy McCain, Chair of The McCain Institute, and Ambassador John Cotton Richmond. McCain shared an update on the impact of COVID-19 and how “…it has created a perfect storm, and, in some cases, victims are trapped at home with their abuser….” This is important because it emphasizes how the pandemic limits the resources of people who are seeking help. McCain continued to explain the increased activities in online traffic and how we can combat suspicious online activity.

GCWJ Director Dr. Sandra Morgan and co-host Maria Hall directed and engaged the audience during the Priceless program. Our event included many speakers discussing their experiences with the Global Center, including our Priceless co-chairs, Kim Barnett and Cheryl Dale. During the program, Sandie and Derek shared our theory of change, a brief overview of human trafficking, and how the Global Center provides an Anti-Human Trafficking Certificate Program for students and professionals. All the conversations throughout Priceless helped explain GCWJ and demonstrate its impact throughout local and global communities.

For example, the Global Center empowers students to study the issues, be a voice, and make a difference against human trafficking in whatever fields of study they pursue. Students are taught how to apply the knowledge they acquire through Global Center resources and programs and work towards positive social change. Alumni have moved forward to engage in anti-human trafficking efforts in education, victim services, non-profits, law enforcement, and government agencies around the world. The Global Center hopes to continually influence anti-human trafficking issues, investigations, and survivor care through our education programs.

Priceless celebrated 10 years of Dr. Morgan’s leadership at the Global Center. Dr. Morgan has created tremendous opportunities which have led to inspired, collaborative, and sustainable social change inside and outside Vanguard University’s campus. As a co-chair of the Public-Private Partnership Advisory Council to End Human Trafficking, her voice and leadership have been recognized nationally. Her colleagues have stated, “If you know Dr. Morgan, you know that she is force for good.” As the Direction of GCWJ, Dr. Morgan is recognized for her local and global anti-human trafficking advocacy, training, and collaborative efforts.

Since Priceless, we have raised over 70% of our $250k fund raising goal for this year. Your entire donation goes to GCWJ. The funds support the Center’s student internships, GAP Survivor Scholarship, and daily operational costs—including personnel. You are funding social change, community awareness, professional education, and empowering our Center—through students and our local, national, and global partnerships—to continue our efforts against human trafficking and the exploitation of women and children. Please go to to make a difference today.

Missed Priceless 2020? Watch the entire event here.

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