GCWJ’s New Senior Coordinator, Meredith Reuter!

The Global Center for Women and Justice (GCWJ) is thrilled to introduce our new Senior Coordinator, Meredith Reuter! 

Meredith Reuter is excited to join the GCWJ team at Vanguard University.! Some of the things that make Meredith excited to work with the GCWJ are “meeting new people, touching lives in a positive way, problem-solving, and making positive changes to help us be more productive, efficient, and impactful.” She looks forward to helping the GCWJ collaborate and partner with our university departments, community partners, and thought leaders across the world to encourage effective and lasting change for the most vulnerable. In addition, she looks forward to working with the Justice, Freedom, and Dignity Interns to help them find success as they walk across the graduation stage and into life. One thing Meredith would like people to know about her is her determination:I am passionate about whatever is set in front of me, including my position here and any impact we can make.” 

Meredith has her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from UC Riverside. She has worked in sales and marketing for Microsoft Corporation and has served as both a Dyslexia Consultant and a MOPS Speaker advocating for students with learning disabilities. Previously, she worked with Heritage Christian School, Fairmont Schools SJC, and Saddleback Valley Christian School in student support services, such as an Academic Advisor, AP Coordinator, Social Media Manager, Website Administrator, and an NHS and Club Advisor. Meredith believes “you can take anything from a previous job and apply it to what you’re doing. [From my previous jobs] I learned how to work with different personalities, effectively organize and manage a team, not take things too seriously, have good boundaries, and know that ultimately your treasure lies in God, and not your vocation.”  

Meredith and her husband, CJ, are blessed with a son and identical twin girls. Her family has a retired therapy dog, Reba, who enjoyed visiting adult health care centers and interacting with students as a R.E.A.D. dog. Some of Meredith’s favorite things are “a good hike, spending time with friends while laughing and sharing life, time with my family, walks with my dog (I love dogs), and a good book.” If she could have any superpower, she says that hers would be “spreading more love, because we’re missing neighborly love in our culture today. We need to love our neighbors more and be less self-focused; I think we’re missing that today in the age of social media.” 

As we celebrate the Global Center for Women and Justice’s 20th birthday, we look forward to the next 20 years supported by our dedicated and passionate staff, interns, and community partners! 


Written by: Emily Miller, Writing Intern


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