New Faces Join GCWJ’s Justice, Freedom, and Dignity Internship Program

GCWJ welcomes six new interns to it Justice, Freedom, and Dignity internship program.


Desiree Bradburry, Outreach Intern

Desiree is a currently a senior studying Theology with an emphasis in Intercultural Studies at Vanguard University of Southern California. The fight to end human trafficking has been a great passion of hers since high school, and since, she has stayed connected to the issue by continuing to research and learn ways to efficiently take part in the goal to end trafficking as a student. Now, working as an intern for the Global Center, she is thrilled to work alongside Dr.  Sandra Morgan and a team who share the same passion. Desiree is planning to use her studies to bridge theology and missions with anti-trafficking to love and fight for others as Christ does.


 Maggie Mahoney, Marketing Intern

Maggie Mahoney is a junior at Vanguard University of Southern California studying Communications with an emphasis in Technology and Emerging Media. Maggie was first exposed to the issue of human trafficking during a Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Discipleship Training School, where she volunteered at the 2018 annual MeCAHT Human Trafficking Conference in South Africa. Through conducting independent research, Maggie learned about the correlation between human trafficking and the fashion industry. She developed a new passion for ending abuse and unfair labor policies for textile producers within popular clothing brands. In January of 2019, Maggie started her own business, Reverie Thrift Co., out of her dorm room in Indiana. By selling thrifted clothing, Maggie continually strives to encourage others to create conscious shopping habits and bring awareness to labor trafficking in the fast-fashion industry. After transferring to Vanguard in January of 2020, Maggie attended the Ensure Justice 2020 Conference where she learned about the Global Center and its mission. As the 2020-2021 Marketing Intern for GCWJ and the Fair-Trade Campaign Coordinator for Vanguard’s anti-human trafficking club, Liv2Free, Maggie looks forward to expanding her knowledge on the anti-human trafficking movement. She plans to pursue an Anti-Human Trafficking Certificate from Vanguard.


Vivianna Gutierrez, Writing Intern

Vivianna Gutierrez is senior year at Vanguard University of Southern California. She is pursuing her undergraduate degree in psychology. Her dedication to learn and bring awareness to her community about human trafficking has earned her a position as an intern at the Global Center for Women and Justice.  After attending the Ensure Justice conference in 2018, she began to dedicate herself and her education to learn about fighting all forms of exploitation through a victim-centered, trauma-informed approach. Throughout her time at Vanguard University, she has volunteered her time to attend and help coordinate events through Live2free, a student mobilization club on campus. Some of these events include the Fall Fair Trade Fashion Show, an annual fashion show that promotes fair trade clothing, and being a part of a mentorship program for high school students in the area. This mentorship program aims at educating at-risk high school students about human trafficking and how they can engage in bringing awareness to their school.


Nicole Smolinski, Events Intern

Nicole Smolinski is a third-year graduate student at Vanguard University. She is finishing her Master’s of Science in Psychology with the goal of becoming a marriage and family therapist. Nicole has been moved by the shocking realities behind human trafficking and modern-day slavery for many years, and after attending the Ensure Justice Conference in 2019, felt compelled to get more involved. As a growing therapist in training, she is particularly passionate about measures of prevention that can be taken; through more robust and expansive mental health care, support, and education, we can serve our most vulnerable populations best. Nicole hopes to help build a world with increased trauma-informed care, regardless of job title or field. In her free time, Nicole enjoys writing as a creative outlet, and has recently self-published her first poetry and prose compilation. She believes owning your whole story is freeing and empowering for yourself and those around you. Ultimately, Nicole is passionate about living as genuinely as possible, even if it’s not necessarily pretty or put-together. She believes small, vulnerable moments– when we’re willing to show up as best we can– make a huge impact on the greater community around us.


Brittany Callison, Podcast Intern

Brittany Callison holds the position of Podcast Intern for the 2020-2021 season. Majoring in mathematics, she aspires to earn a Ph.D., and become a professor. Brittany has the extraordinary privilege to be a part of the first-ever cohort of honors students in Vanguard University’s Scholars Program. Outside of academics, Brittany is a collegiate athlete on Vanguard University’s Softball team; in addition to, holding office in the House of Representatives on Vanguard’s Student Government Association.


Alexandria Hurst, Live2free President

Alexandria “Alie” Hurst is 20 years old, in her junior year at Vanguard University, and thrilled to be leading the Live2Free team this year. She studies Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations, and is also earning her minor in History/Political Science. As a pastor’s daughter, Alie grew up with a love for working with people and her community. She took these interests and developed her outreach skills while working with the international nonprofit The Salvation Army and learning about social causes directly from local leaders. Beginning early in high school, Alie built up leadership skills as a choreography teacher, Improv club leader, and Mock Trial student coach. Once she began at Vanguard, she continued her work with high school Mock Trial as an alumni coach, and additionally became involved with an event planning team, a public policy club, a local speech & debate team, and most prominently the Global Center for Women and Justice. Over the summers, Alie continues to intern with The Salvation Army as a program Finance Aide, and in her free time she enjoys playing with her recently adopted puppy and drinking iced coffee.



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