New Faces Join the GCWJ Team!

After a year of remote work, GCWJ is excited to announce two new people have joined the GCWJ team!

Senior Coordinator

Anna Marquez became involved with human trafficking awareness this past October when she attended a gala and heard Dr. Sandie Morgan speak.  She knew right away she wanted to get involved with the Global Center for Women and Justice, and so this past Christmas, she along with colleagues and friends raised money for GCWJ’s Gap Scholarship students and provided them with gifts from their Christmas wish lists.  When the opportunity to work at GCWJ presented itself, Anna knew this was where God wanted her to be and without hesitation, she accepted the position of Senior Coordinator.

Anna attended Whittier College and has a bachelor’s degree in Human Services and Social Work from the University of Phoenix. She participated in several internships while obtaining her degree, such as Stand Up For Kids, Teen Youth Shelter in Laguna Beach, and Hospice Care.  She also served as a crisis hotline operator for the Crystal Cathedral and started the first support group for victims of sexual abuse at Whittier College. For the past 14 years, she has been raising her 4 children ages 5 to 14, helping grow her husband’s sound production company, and taught dance part-time.

“I’ve always wanted to work in an environment where our hard work and efforts are making a difference in the lives of others.  I believe as humans we are called to do work for good and it is imperative to me to show my children that we need to fight for others and fight for justice in the lives of victims. Being the Senior Coordinator at the Global Center for Women and Justice, and working along side Dr. Sandie Morgan, will not only allow myself to learn about the ins and outs of human trafficking, but it will allow me to educate others and be an advocate for those that have been victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking.  We all must become an advocate and speak out for those who aren’t able to speak for themselves and for those who may not have found their voice yet and aren’t ready or even aware of the abuse they are or have been enduring. The more we speak out, the more we educate and communicate, the more awareness we create and with awareness comes change.”

Fun facts:

  • Anna was an avid dancer from ages 6 to 18 and started choreographing professionally at age 12.
  • She is a singer and comes from a family of professional musicians.
  • She has a side hustle creating custom t-shirts and loves anything crafty!
  • She is an enneagram 2.
  • She met her husband on the dance floor at 19 years old!
  • Her favorite food is pizza.


Administrative Assistant

Idalis Moscoso is a graduate of Vanguard University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science. She first learned about human trafficking after attending an event hosted by GCWJ in partnership with VU’s Black Student Union on female leaders of color. Her sophomore year of college, she started her first internship with GCWJ, which she continued all the way through her senior year. In order to better understand the complex issues around human rights abuses, she took courses on human trafficking, refugees, and the detrimental impacts of war. Idalis has also worked in accounting, her university’s writing center, and interned with another non-profit based in DC on policy issues related to sexual exploitation.

Fun facts:
  • Idalis loves to read, from autobiographies on Supreme Court justices to fantasy and middle grade books.
  • She is always looking for new adventures with family and friends, whether it be trying a new food spot or going on 4am hikes to watch the sunrise.
  • She is currently planning a backpacking trip through Europe before she starts law school.


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