Testimony from a Human Trafficking Response Coordinator

Testimony from a Human Trafficking Response Coordinator

Major Ray Lamont, The Salvation Army


Why did you decide to enroll in the Anti-Human Trafficking Certificate program?

As a practitioner in this field, I had been looking for a way to engage in academic studies surrounding modern slavery and human trafficking while still being able to work at the same time.  Because the Anti-Human Trafficking Certificate with the Global Center for Women and Justice at Vanguard University is offered completely online, it allowed me to do both successfully.  I also wanted to add to my knowledge and capacity by developing practical skills that would equip and help me in this line of work.  After reviewing the class descriptions and their objectives, I felt confident that this Certificate would accomplish that task.  It did not disappoint as it did just that!

What did you get out of the Certificate program?

I enjoyed my time spent completing this certificate immensely!  It became a place for me to learn about theories, concepts, and ideas while applying and working out what I was learning in the field.  It provided a safe space for me to engage in back and forth conversations about what was being taught and ask questions to help solidify my understanding and application.  The teaching, readings, and assignments were focused, informative, and shared relevant and up-to-date information that has and continues to impact the work that I do.

How has the Certificate program helped you in your current anti-human trafficking efforts?

This certificate plays a daily role in my current efforts in the field of modern slavery and human trafficking response work.  Teachings on trauma-informed care, strength based/person-centered approaches, ethical decision making, self-care, collaborations, and being survivor led and informed has become the foundation in all my projects, all the teams that I lead, all the teachings that I create, and the overall response work that I engage in.  This certificate has not only increased my knowledge, skillset, and capacity but it has also given me a confidence in this work that I do.

Would you recommend this program to prospective students, and why?

Absolutely!  For any person and practitioner that wants to establish a solid foundation in their professional lives to engage successfully and confidently in this field, then taking the Certificate program is a must.

About the graduate:

Major Ray Lamont – Territorial Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking (MSHT) Response Coordinator

I have been an officer for close to twenty years and have served in Corps and Social, as a Divisional Youth Secretary, and as an overseas officer. In addition to my current role, I am also the Vice Chair for our International MSHT Response Council and I am the Caribbean and North American MSHT Zonal Response Coordinator. I have my Anti-Human Trafficking Certificate from Vanguard University, was involved in EU sponsored Advance MSHT Training in the Netherlands, and have a Masters of Slavery and Liberation from the University of Nottingham. I have also had vast front line opportunities in MSHT ministry in Canada, Bangladesh, Italy, and Greece. My four years in Greece, working in front line MSHT response and development work and refugee response and development work, were the most impactful and life changing for me.



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