Our Work

We have worked in over 18 countries and across the United States. We continue to expand our areas of influence as our partnerships increase and diversify.

Local and Global Outreach


The Global Center for Women and Justice at Vanguard University is committed to best practice, promoting data-driven decision making and acting as a clearinghouse on women and justice issues. Collaborative research with faculty, student, and community partners serves to expand our shared knowledge-base and strengthen our community.

We serve to expand the knowledgebase of women’s issues by professors and students working together to conduct and share research. We also have an inter-disciplinary Women and Justice Minor, one of the first at a Christian university, to provide Vanguard students with a theoretical and practical foundation to improve the lives of women and their communities here and around the world.

Our goal is to model and teach a victim-centered, trauma-informed approach when serving victim-survivors to recover and sustain their personal dignity.

We engage, connect, and collaborate with other organizations and governmental bodies that work with women’s justice issues and human trafficking through a multi-agency focus. This allows us to share, develop and leverage multi-disciplinary expertise and resources to serve vulnerable communities and at-risk populations.

We hope our efforts engage and empower others to help us achieve our mission — to address the global status of women and vulnerable populations through collaborative and restorative justice principles.

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